Real estate purchase

The first real estate
purchase is very important and should not be done on a whim! So, before getting
started, it is important to ask yourself the right questions and not to rush
into anything.   What type of property to
buy? Depending on the location and the budget, the future buyer may have the choice

According to real estate
professionals, you should buy your first home as soon as possible because of
several advantages.

First of all, determine your

Before you start looking for
a property, you must first of all establish your budget. Determine how much you
can pay back each month and how much you need to borrow. Also take into account
additional costs such as registration fees and notary’s fees.

Look for a house or apartment

Have you determined your
budget? Then the quest can begin! Take the time to look for a property that
suits your needs and be patient, as it can take several months to find the
perfect home. An important element to take into account is the situation of the
property. An unattractive but well-located house can always be renovated and
become the house of your dreams. But what to do with a beautiful house that is
badly situated? You are definitely stuck! You can start your search in
different ways: take a drive around the neighbourhood, browse through local
advertisements, visit real estate websites ,… Don’t forget to ask your
friends or family if they know anyone who is selling their house or apartment.

Have the property inspected

You make a financial commitment
over many years. You must therefore make sure that the coveted property is,
beyond appearances, in good condition.

You can therefore call on the
services of a company with expertise in appraisal and choose an inspector who
is a member of a professional order. A real estate broker will be able to give
you good references and will also be able to tell you what budget to plan for
this step.


Constant exchanges between
you and the owners to negotiate the price are to be expected. Sellers rarely accept
the first offer, which is why it is necessary to offer a price that is lower
than what you are willing to pay.

The results of the inspection
may cause you to lower the price offered. If you find that work needs to be
done, you have several options: either the homeowners agree to do the work at
their own expense before you move in, or they agree to lower the price based on
the estimated amount of work.